We make your move easy and this is our story.

Once upon a time, in a state called Lagos, Charles needed to move. He had no one to help him so he opened the phone book and called a few Lagos moving companies. Their prices sounded good but they had fees for everything. When all the fees were added in, it would cost so much to move his small 2 bedroom apartment. Charles called "MoveEasy". Everything sounded right, It turned out that MoveEasy had real insurance and a license to be a moving company. The things they claimed were simply true.

What if people could just pay someone to help them move in Lagos? Surely there were others who could not afford the high prices the other big moving companies charged for a few hours of work. There had to be people who really just needed someone to help with a “self move”.

“MoveEasy” was born. We would load and unload the rental trucks for people who couldn’t do it themselves. The internet was just starting to come into its own then, we placed some moving ads online and it worked. 3 moving jobs within a space of 2 weeks. A senior citizen was our first job and we realized we really could help people .

Today we have trucks to provide full service moves and still offer Nigerians services for the customers that desire that option. The rest is our history.

Powering Africa Today & Tomorrow !!