What We Do Better Than Others

Trust Me, We've been told we do these things better than others.

home/office moving

Residential & office move

Moving should never be a thing to dread but it should be celebrated. However, we understand how stressful moving can be which is why we offer our professional services at an affordable rate. If you are looking for professional movers to help you move from your old home to a new one, you're in the right place.
Interstate Moving

Local & Interstate Move

We help you move your items within the same state and to other states with no risk of loss or damage. We carefully pack your items and deliver it to your preferred destination.
International Moving

International Move

Sometimes it's hard to let things go, so we decide to take them along with us whenever and wherever we move. To be honest, thats okay .We offer professional moving services not only in Nigeria but outside the country as well, making it possible for you to preserve those beautiful memories no matter how far you move.
Professional Storage Service

Storage Services

Do you need a safe place to keep your items or property while you search for your new home or office? MoveeasyNG provides storage services to corporate organizations and individuals.
Truck-Hiring Service

Truck Hire

Feel like you've got what it takes to move on your own but need to rent a moving truck? we provide truck leasing services to corporate organizations and individuals in need of such service.
Haulage Services

Haulage Services

MoveeasyNG specializes in providing haulage services for businesses and individuals. We have a fleet of modern and well-maintained trucks that can handle a wide range of cargo, including fragile and hazardous materials. Our drivers are experienced professionals who ensure the safe and timely delivery of your goods.


Kindly refer to the section below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Do you have insurance for damaged or lost items during the move?

All our movers are professionally trained in order to mitigate the risk of loss or damage to your items. However, all your items will be insured to protect against lost or damaged items.

Do you offer packing and unpacking services?

Yes. we can help you pack your belongings for a move, and unpack and organize your items once they reach their destination.

How do you handle the transportation of my items to the storage facility?

We choose the most appropriate method of transportation based on the size and weight of the items, as well as the distance to the storage facility and any other factors that may be relevant.

How much does your moving and storage service cost?

The price of our moving and storage service largely depends on location (where you are moving from & where you are moving to). However, we are still more affordable in comparison to our competitors.